• Tom and Laurie Shipley, Presidents

Class of 2014

  • David and Jamey Neff – Parents of Melodie Neff ('13) and Brittany Neff
  • Tom and Laurie Shipley – Parents of Keli Shipley
  • Bob and Patti Smith – Parents of Leah Smith

Class of 2015 

  • Rob and Liz Britt – Parents of Robbie Britt
  • Connie Cline – Parents of Brandi Berghorn
  • Andy and Marsha Stirrat – Parents of Spencer Blanden
  • Dwight and Stacey Wilkinson – Parents of Autumn Wilkinson

Class of 2016

  • George and Joyce Brumbaugh– Parents of Amelia Brumbaugh
  • Brent and Carol Coyle– Parents of Blaine Coyle
  • Hoy and Lisa Grimm– Parents of Addison Grimm