About This Division

The Division of Social Sciences at Maryville College includes the disciplines of Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Business. In addition, we offer interdisciplinary programs in the areas of Environmental Studies and International Studies.

Our primary goal is to provide students with the tools they will need to understand our changing social world and to find their place in that world. We provide students with opportunities to explore important questions related to contemporary political, environmental, economic, social and international issues. This involves interactive classroom instruction, class projects, service learning, internships, research and international study.

Social scientific inquiry raises a myriad of questions. Many of these have moral and ethical implications. Our faculty invite and expect students to grapple with complex subjects such as ethical business practices, environmental sustainability and economic justice. In doing so, we promote the College’s mission to serve the human community.


Bruce co-edits book on polarization in the Catholic Church, Fall 2016

Polarization in the U.S. Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal, a new release by Liturgical Press, will interest American Catholics for obvious reasons, but Dr. Tricia Bruce, associate professor of sociology at Maryville College and one of the book’s co-editors and contributors, believes it could inspire Protestants and others concerned about division within their communities.
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In Spring of 2013, the 4th edition of Strategic Management by John Parnell (UNC, Pembroke) will be published by Sage Publications.

The textbook includes three cases coauthored by MC students and Rebecca Broady Treadway, Associate Professor of Accounting/Business.

The cases are:

Macy’s Inc.: Could Macy’s Bring Back the Magic?,  Coauthored By Jessica Holladay, '11, and Rebecca Broady Treadway, Associate Professor of Accounting/Business

Costco: Maximum Employee Benefits or Maximum Shareholder Return, Coauthored by Chelse Nieri Stevens, '09, and Rebecca Broady Treadway, Associate Professor of Accounting/Business

Netflix: Entering, Engaging and Embracing Innovation in the Movie Retail Industry, Coauthored by Fred Walker, '11, and Rebecca Broady Treadway, Associate Professor of Accounting/Business


Recent Alumni Profile

Name: Eric Weatherbee
Major: Economics
Minor(s): Business
Year graduated from MC: 2006
Current Title and Company Name: Controller, LeConte Medical Center


I’m responsible for overseeing the month-end close process and subsequent preparation of financial statements and their review. I oversee the capital and operating budget processes. I sit on several teams and committees whose functions range from analyzing the hospital’s revenue streams to approving new equipment for use in the hospital, as well as big-picture initiatives like physician recruitment and long-term planning.


While sometimes people cringe when they think about finance, I love being able to communicate the financial side of healthcare to my coworkers on the clinical side, and vice versa. I really enjoying learning about the care they give patients and how they operate their departments, so it’s very enjoyable for me to be able to take care of and explain the finances while they focus on delivering excellent care.


The best advice I ever got at MC was to take advantage of the opportunities that were presented to me. From studying abroad to internships, I think every bit of my experience helped prepare me for being a young professional in a business world that has been rocked in the past five years.


My favorite courses were Principles of Finance and the Economic History of the U.S. Principles was a class where it all came together for me and I started to realize that I might be comfortable having a future in finance. Economic History was a class that combined my sister’s major (History) and my major, so I found it incredibly interesting, and it was delivered in a very conducive, fun format.


In healthcare, the near future is so uncertain. Trying to stay on top of all the changes that the Healthcare Reform Act brings about will be key. And I’ll be starting my MBA in the spring.