The Maryville College study abroad program gives students the opportunity to participate on life-changing study abroad programs.  Our programs offer students the opportunity to:

  • Live and learn alongside locals
  • Build real connections and gain a true understanding of what it is like to live in another culture
  • Be part of an international community of over 300 institutions that work together to provide students with study abroad experiences
  • Have access to affordable, high quality programs
  • Earn academic credit in all fields of study for time spent in another country. 

Students can study abroad in on a travel study program with MC faculty and students, or can stay for a few weeks during the summer and take classes on a language or specific topic.  Students can even spend a semester or year taking classes one wouldn’t normally get a chance to take. Study abroad is an amazing opportunity to become intimately engaged in another culture by living it everyday, and to also reflect on one's own values and ideas.

Studying abroad is not just about studying; it’s about learning from everything you experience. Students will learn a lot from the classes they take, whether courses are about Cross-Cultural Psychology or French Literature. Students make lasting connections among international and local communities.

You will be amazed, confused, and surprised by all the sights, sounds, and smells of a different world. So consider study abroad your gateway to international travel, to global education, to unknown worlds and to experiences you’ll never forget.

How do I study abroad?

  1. Choose a Program
  2. Visit the Center for International Education and speak with your academic advisor
  3. Apply to a Program
  4. Apply for Scholarships
  5. Prepare for Departure


Find information about passports, health and safety issues, communications, general travel tips and much more.


Students Studying Abroad


"This past summer my 8th-grade dream of going to France came true. I never thought that it would. I’d always had little replicas of the Eiffel Tower in my room, but I was never convinced that it was real. Going to France allowed me to live my dream, but it also taught me “real life” lessons about myself and about people."

Caitlin Campbell

Universite de Savoie, France, Summer 2012

Caitlin studied in the French language and culture program during the summer of 2012 to fulfill requirements for her French minor.