Every student at Maryville College completes a year-long research project called the Senior Study, whether the student’s major is Business & Organizational Management, Psychology, Biology, Art or any of the other 40 major fields of study. These studies vary from laboratory experiments to forms of creative expression, and all Senior Study projects feature a student and faculty mentor working together in discipline-specific scholarship. Select a major from the dropdown menu to view examples of recent Senior Study titles.

Student Name Major Title Supervisor
Margaret Victoria Lock '12 Biology The effectieness of several capturing methods on orders aranea, opiliones, scorpiones, uropygi, amblypygi, and pseudoscorpiones in Cusuco National Park, Honduras
Kalis, Marley Eleni Biology A reevaluation of the subspecies status of Graptemys Nigrinoda Delticola
Ravyn Thompson '14 Biochemistry Natural product isolation and evaluation of the medicinal properties found in English ivy, hedera helix Dr. Angelia Gibson & Mr. Nathan Duncan
Mary-Mc Alexander '14 Biochemistry Establishment and characterization of feline and canine oral squamous cell carcinoma cell lines Dr. Angelia Gibson
Bethany Plaag '15 Music Musical theatre scenes: monsters and outcasts Dr. Alicia Massie-Legg
Kelly Wright '14 English No Ordinary Wind: Ghanaian Linguistic Identity Within the English Superstructure Dr. Samuel Overstreet
Marcus Azevedo '14 Psychology On the presence of nondiscrimination policies and transgender inclusion within higher academic institutions : an intervention Dr. Crystal Colter
Randall Puckett '15 History Hallelujah, I’m a Bum: Industrialism, Progressive Reform, and the Role of the Industrial Workers of the World as a Home for Migrant Workers Dr. Doug Sofer
Philip Stephens '15 Management America's opiate addiction Mr. Clay Shwab
Bethany Plaag'15 Music Musical theatre scenes: monsters and outcasts Dr. Alicia Massie-Legg