Every student at Maryville College completes a year-long research project called the Senior Study, whether the student’s major is Business & Organizational Management, Psychology, Biology, Art or any of the other 40 major fields of study. These studies vary from laboratory experiments to forms of creative expression, and all Senior Study projects feature a student and faculty mentor working together in discipline-specific scholarship. Select a major from the dropdown menu to view examples of recent Senior Study titles.

Student Name Major Title Supervisor
Stevie Gleason '16 Exercise Science

The Effects of a Nature-Based Physical Activity Setting for Children with Disabilities

Dr. Traci Haydu
Joel Thornton '16 History

9/11, A Biography

Dr. Dan Klingensmith
Natalie Stanley '16 Psychology

Effects of Person and Organization Collectivist Orientation on Job Satisfaction

Dr. Chad Schrock
Caleb Smith '16 Philosophy

Brains, Zombies, and Phenomenology: A Critical Analysis of the Philosophy of Daniel Dennett

Dr. William Meyer
Ryan Rumler '16 Finance / Accounting

America's Efforts to Stymie the Flow of Threat Finance

Dr. Sharon May
Eric Luke Russell '16 Neuroscience

The Effects of Green Space on College Student Stress and Cognitive Performance

Dr. Lori Schmied
Kathryn Ann Mitchell '16 Psychology

Bilingual and Monolingual Performance: Attentional Blink and Working Memory Load Dual-Task Effect

Dr. Chad Schrock
Evelyn Linkous '16 Writing Communication

In Transit: A Study of Hyperlocal Journalism

Mr. Kim Trevathan
Linda D. Hinkle '16 Psychology

The Maryville College Guide to Veterans and Dependents: One Student Veteran's View

Dr. Crystal Colter
Hannah Cummings '16 Biology

Tagetes Patula as a Companion Plant in East Tennessee Phaseolus Vulgaris Cultivation

Dr. Drew Crain