Every student at Maryville College completes a year-long research project called the Senior Study, whether the student’s major is Business & Organizational Management, Psychology, Biology, Art or any of the other 40 major fields of study. These studies vary from laboratory experiments to forms of creative expression, and all Senior Study projects feature a student and faculty mentor working together in discipline-specific scholarship. Select a major from the dropdown menu to view examples of recent Senior Study titles.

Student Name Major Title
Mallory Kirkland '14 Biology Effects of the Antiepileptic Medication Valproic Acid Sodium Salt (VPA) on the Histological Bone Structure
Delaney Cornelius '13 Psychology Remaining and Completed Actions of Goal-Setting and Effects on Achievement, Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem
Tyler Herron ‘13 American Sign Language-English Interpreting
The Acculturation Experience of Congenitally Deaf Hispanics in the United States and the Field of Trilingual Interpreting
Branden Hunt '14 Philosophy Social Media and the Existential Task of Existence
David Lee Haskins '14 Biology Prey Base Species Composition of American Marten (Martes americana) in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan
Cameron Clark '13 Art
The Crisis of Postmodern Masculinity in American Art and Literature
Matt Davis ’13 Physical Education, Health and Recreation Will Having a Quality Health/Wellness Philosophy Lead to Higher Achievement in the Classrooms and Develop a Successful Athletic Program?
Kristen Barlow ’13 Biology Shoaling Differences in Zebrafish, Danio Rerio, and Yellow Glofish, Genetically Altered Danio Rerio
Kathryn Hill ‘13 International Studies Religious Nationalism in India and Japan
Cherese Cobb ’13 Child Development and Learning Man in the Mirror: A Study On How Self-Portraits Reflect Self-Esteem
Hallie Jackson ‘13 English The Only Good Indian is a Reawakened Indian: Indigenous Feminism, Traditionalism, and Cultural Continuity in Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine
Bonnie Finn ‘13 Music Kurt Weill and Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Composers of Two Worlds
Michael Arpino ‘12 History The New Navy and America's Rise as a World Power, 1880-1919
Steven Giblock ’12 Biology Fiddler Crabs as Bioindicators of Environmental Health in Coastal Estuarine Communities of Beaufort, South Carolina
Ashley Vandevender ‘11 English Singular They: A Test for a Prescription Change
Annamarie Glass '11 Art Anna's Animal Art
Leslie Baxter ’11 History TVA: A Family History
A. Riley Finch ‘11 Psychology Social Identity and Social/Academic Self-Efficacy Among First-Generation (Versus Non-First-Generation) College Students
Shelley E. Clark ‘11 Biology The Role of Body Mass Index (BMI) on Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation
Miranda Coffey ‘11 Philosophy
Organizational Development in Non-Profit Settings: A Quasi-Experimental Design with Blount County Habitat for Humanity