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Course Offerings

The Major in Theory-Composition consists of a total of 78 credit hours including the following courses:

MUS 101: Music Theory I (3 hrs.)
MUS 102: Music Theory II (3 hrs.)
MUS 111: Aural Skills I (1 hr.)
MUS 112: Aural Skills II (1 hr.)
MUS 201: Music Theory III (3 hrs.)
MUS 202: Music Theory IV (3 hrs.)
MUS 211: Aural Skills III (1 hr.)
MUS 212: Aural Skills IV (1 hr.)
MUS 305: Analytical Techniques (3 hrs.)
MUS 306: Philosophy and Aesthetics of Music (3 hrs.)
MUS 308: Pedagogy in the Applied Field (1 hr.)
MUS 312: History of Music in the United States (3 hrs.)
MUS 313: History of Western Fine Arts Music to 1750 (3 hrs.)
MUS 314: History of Western Fine Arts Music from 1750 to the Present (3 hrs.)


MUS 315: Introduction to Ethnomusicology (3 hrs.)
MUS 322: Conducting (3 hrs.)
MUS 323: Orchestration and Arranging (2 hrs)
MUS 351-352: Senior Project (6 hrs.)
MUS 343: Practicum (2 hrs.)
20 hours of applied lessons in either theory or composition or a combination, including studies in music synthesis and MIDI technology
8 hours of ensemble
2 hours of music electives (courses, lessons, ensembles, or a combination).

Students pursuing this degree must present a full recital in the senior year.