Neuroscience Program Overview

Neuroscience is a rapidly developing, interdisciplinary field of study that includes psychology, biology, and chemistry. The goal of neuroscience is to understand how the brain and nervous system respond to the environment and generate behavior. To answer these questions about the interaction of brain and behavior, it can mean looking at the biochemistry of individual nerve cells or examining mental processing or disease states, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Our program allows you to pursue your special interest at either the organismal level (Major in Neuroscience/Psychology Track) or the cellular level (Major in Neuroscience/Biochemistry Track). Students in both tracks share a common core of coursework in the basic disciplines, as well as introductory and advanced neuroscience courses, research design, and the opportunity to conduct independent research in one’s senior study. Students are prepared for graduate programs in neuroscience, psychology, neuropsychology, medicine, or positions in various biochemical, pharmaceutical, or neuropsychology settings.


Course Offerings

The Major in Neuroscience consists of 63 credit hours and students must choose a Psychology Track or a Biochemistry Track. The Major in Neuroscience with a Psychology Track is not open to students majoring in Psychology.  The Major in Neuroscience with a Biochemistry Track is not open to students majoring in Biochemistry.

All students in the major are required to take the following courses:
NSC 244: Introduction to Neuroscience (3 hrs.)
NSC 402: Advanced Topics in Neuroscience (3 hrs.)
PSY 101: Introductory Psychology (3 hrs.)
PSY 312: Experimental Psychology (4 hrs.)
PSY 327: Sensation & Perception (4 hrs.)
BIO 113: Principles of Organismal Biology (4 hrs.)
BIO 115: Principles of Cellular Biology (4 hrs.)
CHM 121: Principles of Chemistry I (4 hrs.)
CHM 122: Principles of Chemistry II (4 hrs.)
MTH 221: Inferential Statistics (3 hrs.)
NSC 351-352: Senior Study (6 hrs.)

Students in the Psychology Track must take the following courses:

PSY 299: Contemporary and Professional Issues in Psychology (2 hrs.)
PSY 222: Adult Development & Aging (3 hrs.)
PSY 314: Cognitive Psychology (4 hrs.)
PSY 306: Language Development (3 hrs.)
PSY 331: Abnormal Psychology (3 hrs.)
MTH 222: Regression (3 hrs.)

One of the following:
PHL 205: Early Modern Philosophy from 16th to the 18th Century (3 hrs.)
PHL 206: Enlightenment & Late Modern Philosophy 18th-20th Century (3 hrs.)
PHL 207: Contemporary Philosophy (3 hrs.)
PHL 211: American Philosophy (3 hrs.)

Students in the Biochemistry Track must take the following courses:

BIO 299: Biology Research Methods (1 hr.)
BIO 221: Genetics (4 hrs.)
CHM 223: Organic Chemistry (4 hrs.)
CHM 224: Organic Chemistry (4 hrs.)
CHM 316: Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (4 hrs.)
BIO/CHM 416: Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (4 hrs.)