Intercollegiate competition is a rewarding extracurricular activity that can add a special dimension to a student's life. The student-athlete at Maryville College can utilize the Cooper Success Center (CSC) to successfully balance their commitment to academics and athletics.

The Cooper Success Center is a student-led and College staff-supervised guided study hall. Located in the academic heart of Cooper Athletics Center, it focuses on the specific and demanding needs of the Maryville College student-athlete by providing assistance with a variety of core courses. Trained academic/athlete mentors with varying skill sets are on hand and available for any sort of specific or general academic guidance. In the Cooper Athletic Center, academic mentors utilize a peer modeling learning approach, as well as model the necessary academic college skills needed to thrive at Maryville College.

Cooper Success Center Fall 2014 Schedule:  The Cooper Success Center is located in the Orange Room of the Cooper Athletic Center



Academic Mentor Subjects Mon Wed Thurs
Zack Brown, FB HIST, CMP, PSY, BIB140 8-930PM   8-930PM
David Sturchio, XC PSY, BUS, STA120 Wicked Tech Skills 7-9PM 830-930PM  
Bailey Thompson, AT CMP, BIB140, WCV, STA120, PHR 8-930PM   8-930PM
Trey Tatum, Basketball CMP, BUS, WCV 7-10PM 730-10PM 7-10PM
Afton Boles MTH105 SI     7-10PM
Skylar Smith CMP, ECN, 7-830PM   7-830PM
Alex Carr, VB CMP, STA, MTH115, PHR     7-10PM
Morgan Strain, Cheer HIST, CMP, BIB140 7-10PM    
Casey Gentile, Soc BIO115, CMP, STA, BIB140 8-930PM   8-930PM
Grace Puryear, Soc CMP, STA120, CAL, PSY 730-9PM 8-930PM  
Tommy Wright, FB CMP, STA120, BIO, CHM   830-10PM 8-930PM
Eleni Mavres, Soc CMP, STA120, PHR 8-930PM 8-930PM  
Ansley Stringfield, AT CMP, PHR, BIB140   8-930PM 7-830PM
Noah Cantrell EDU, CMP, STA120, PSY 730-9PM   7-830PM
Summer Northcutt, SB SPN, PSY, SOC, CMP 7-830PM   7-830PM
Julia Vineyard, VB CMP, BIO, STA120 8-930PM   8-930PM
Cameron Tuck, BB CHM, PHY, STA120, CMP   8-10PM 8-9PM
Stevie Gleason, VB CMP, STA, MTH115, PHR     7-10PM
Corban Ogle, FB CMP, STA120, HIS, PSY 7-10PM    
Joe Jones, Baseball STA120, BIB140, CMP, SPN120 830-10PM   830-10PM
Jacob Weissman CMP, GEN CHM   730-930PM  
Sierra Siegel, Soc SPN, BUS, CMP, PSY, ECN 8-9PM 730-930PM  
Allison Peeler. EQ BIO, CAL, CHM, Study Skills   730-930PM 8-9PM
Ben Buell, FB CMP, PSY, CALC 7-10PM    
Callie Crabtree STA120, SPN, BUS215 7-830PM   7-830PM
Hunter Amos, PT PHR, PSY, CMP, WCV   730-930PM  
Cody Akers, Baseball STA120, BIB140, PHR   730-930PM 8-9PM




















  • SPORT:      Cheerleader
  • CLASS:      Sophomore
  • HONORS:   
    Presidential Scholarship Recipient 
    HTTP Scholar 
    CSC Academic Mentor 
    Internship, Yoke Law Firm & Associates
  • MAJOR:     Business & Political Science
  • MINOR:      Accounting
  • CURRENT GPA:   3.98
  • QUOTE:     "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."   Vidal Sasson
  • SPORT:      Varsity Soccer
  • CLASS:      Sophomore
  • HONORS:  
    Presidential Scholarship Recipient
    HTTP Scholar
    CSC Academic Mentor
  • MAJOR:     Psychology
  • MINOR:      Math
  • CURRENT GPA:   3.59
  • QUOTE:     "There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory."   Unknown Source