The Department of Education randomly selects FAFSA information for a process called Verification. If you are selected for verification, Maryville College will be comparing your FAFSA information with your 2012 IRS Tax Return Transcript, information that you supply on the Maryville College Verification Worksheet and other required financial documents. Federal regulations require us to collect this information before disbursing federal aid. If there are differences between your FAFSA and the verification documents, we will make the corrections and send the required changes electronically to the federal student aid processor to have your information reprocessed. No Federal Aid can be awarded until verification has been completed.

NOTICE: If you are required to submit a copy of your and/or your parents' 2012 IRS Tax Return Transcript(s), you must either transfer your income tax return information using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to your FAFSA or submit a copy of your and/or your parents'  IRS Tax Return Transcript(s). If you amended your tax return, you must also submit your IRS Tax Account Transcript and a signed copy of your 2012 Form 1040X.

Maryville College Verification Worksheet

The Maryville College Verification Worksheet for 2013-2014 is available on the Online Financial Aid System.

To request an IRS Tax Return Transcript

If you need an IRS Tax Return Transcript, you may order one online from the IRS at On the IRS homepage under TOOLS, select "Order a  Return or Account Transcript" and  follow the directions for obtaining an IRS Tax Return Transcript. 

Maryville College School Code for FAFSA

Please include the following school code on your financial aid and scholarship applications: 003505.

NOTE: Maryville College Title IV Code: 003505