Catchin’ Up with Laura Gibson Owens

LauraGibsonOwens - collage

Class Year: 1997
Major at MC:  Psychology
Senior Thesis Topic: Dating Violence on College Campuses
Current Town/City of Residence: Alcoa, Tennessee
Occupation: Production Manager, Mary Beth West Communications 
Family: Husband - Casey Owens; Father - former MC President, Gerald Gibson; Mother - Rachel Gibson; Sister - Holly Yalove; Nieces - (Holly's children) - Alex and Maddie; Brother - Paul Gibson (MC Class of 2000)

Describe your career path since graduating from MC.

After graduating I began working as a relationship manager at a major credit card processing company. I left there to pursue my marketing dream at a not-for-profit professional association. I then moved on to be the eCommerce Manager at Maggie Bags, a Knoxville-based company that makes seat belts into handbags. In 2012-13, I earned my certificate in Social Media Marketing from the University of Tennessee and my certification in Inbound Marketing from HubSpot. I just recently joined Mary Beth West Communications as the Production Manager.

Describe your job or a typical day “in the office.”

Since I just began my job at Mary Beth West Communications, I'm not sure there is a typical day yet. In my role I enjoy working with clients, brainstorming with my team and I act as an internal agency liaison with all departments in an effort to keep projects on time and on budget.

What has been your most exciting/enjoyable professional experience to date?

Working at Maggie Bags was the highlight (so far) of my professional experience. In my position there as eCommerce Manager, I was able to do everything from generating content, designing graphics, and writing blog posts.

What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?

I've been practicing yoga for over 7 years and truly enjoy the balance and awareness that brings to my everyday life. I also enjoy reading - no one can pry my Kindle away from me! My most favorite "hobby," however, is spending time with my two smart nieces.

How did your MC experience prepare you for your vocation and/or life?

Because of my liberal arts education, I've been able to quickly adapt to changing work environments.

What’s your best memory from your years as a student at MC?

I made such dear friends at MC and I'm so thankful for that! Probably my best memory was Spring Fling '97.

Complete this sentence: I’m glad Maryville College still ___________________________.

...encourages students to pursue their dreams!