The following is a list of recognized student organizations at Maryville College. To learn about starting a club or an organization, click here. 

Alpha Psi Omega (Drama)

Alpha Psi Omega is a National Theatre Honors Society. We are a group dedicated to providing service and increasing the awareness of theatrical arts on campus and in our community. We are committed to the growth of the individual members of our society as individuals, lovers of the arts, and citizens. We operate under the support and advice of our faculty advisor, and we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Advisor: Heather McMahon

American Chemical Society

ACS brings together the student community and surrounding community through the common bond of science and expose younger generations to the field of science.

Advisor: Angelia Gibson

President: Elisabeth Klouda

Association of Computing Machinery

As an official chapter of ACM International, the MC ACM provides MC students access to a vast collection of information, speakers, scholarship opportunities, and other resources. Advisor: TBD President: David White

Black Student Association

Black Student Association (BSA) The Black Student Association is an organization that was established to cater to the needs of Black/African American students in the Maryville College community. BSA is more than just an organization for Black Students on campus. We are a diverse group of individuals ranging from many different ethnicity's who come together to form a family and educate each other on the struggles and benefits of being a minority on campus. We, the members of the Black Student Association along with the support of the Cultural Diversity Team pledge to uphold the covenant decided on by each of the members of the Black Student Association by: Striving for excellence in academics by devoting ample time to studies and attending class regularly; Striving for unity by morally, physically, mentally, and emotionally being supportive of one another through aiding in times of need, personal counseling, and academic tutoring amongst peers by making our time and services available when needed; Respecting one another by treating each other with esteem, honor, value, admiration, reverence, and approval by understanding that each individual is unique and different in his or her own way. By taking pride in the Black Student Association through commitment, each individual should uphold this covenant by the articles stated.


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Advisor: Larry Ervin

2013-2014 Officers

President: Germani Williams
Vice President: Sheryl Tingling
Secretary: Iman Harris
Parliamentarian: Travis Felder
Public Relations/Event Coordinator: Warren "Xavier" Sales, Rasham Dickson, Callie Crabtree, Emilie Perez
Treasurer: Patrick Nkurunziza
Historian: Jose Perez

Campus Commuters and Friends

The voice of the commuter must be heard. WE have students from various backgrounds who attend Maryville College, and they have great ideas that need to be taken into consideration. Advisor: Lynn Coning

President: James Lopp

Chilhowean (Yearbook)

The Chilhowean staff works toward providing a yearbook for students.

Advisor: Scott Steele

Editor: Aryn Leighton

Circle K

Circle K is the college-based division of Kiwanis International. It is based on service, leadership, and community involvement.

Advisor: Kandis Schram

President: Kayla Kiernozek

College Democrats

MC College Democrats pledge themselves to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party.

Advisor: Adrienne Schwarte

President: Destiny White

College Republicans

The purpose of MC College Republicans is to promote voter awareness at the collegiate, local, and state levels, to support the Republican party, and to provide services to the community.

Advisor: Arielle Kilday

Chairman: Eric Hill


Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) strives to build movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ. The student-led movement seeks to introduce students to Christ, help them grown in faith, encourage them to passionately live life in a manner consistent with believe in the God of the Bible, and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world.

Advisor: Michelle Bailey

President: Autumn Wilkinson

Dance Ensemble

The purpose of the MC Dance Ensemble is to bring a novel aspect of the performing arts to campus in hopes that it will enhance community involvement and general appreciation for the art of dance.

Advisor: Teresa Lawson
Co-Captains: Tori Edmisten and Courtney Phillips

Deutsche AG

Deutsche AG spreads German culture and heritage to the students of Maryville College, the faculty, staff, and to the city of Maryville.

Advisor: Ahmed Abdelrahmann

Presidents: Louis Nelson and Lily Winchester

Environmental Action Team

The Environmental Action Team strives, as a collective body and as individuals who value the welfare of the environment as a prerequisite to a fulfilling life, to apply environmentally conscious values to issues in the lives of students on the Maryville College campus.

Advisor: Mark O'Gorman

President: Ashley Avans

Equestrian Club Team

For more information and updates as well as the competition schedule for IHSA Zone 5, Region 1 visit 

  • Member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Zone 5, Region 1    
  • Competitive hunt seat team and host of IHSA hunter seat horse shows  
  • Roster includes riders ranging in experience from none through national competition 
  • Team members have shown at IHSA Nationals several times in the last few seasons
  • Riders of all levels are invited to join the club   
  • Several weekly opportunities for instruction and practice included in a $400 per semester riding fee
  • Other opportunities include possible participation in local hunter/jumper horse shows, local events, foxhunting and polo

Equestrian Club Facilities Quick Facts:

  • 130 acre farm
  • 18 stall barn with options for paddock and pasture board
  • Three large all weather outdoor arenas
  • Large covered arena with mirrors
  • Beginner novice through preliminary level cross country obstacles
  • Riding opportunities through pastures, rolling hills and woodland trails
  • Tackrooms and storage space
  • Plenty of space for trailer parking

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA's purpose is to minister to college, high school, and any other campus through athletics and sports. Doing God's will and having a Christian impact on Maryville College is the main goal of FCA.

Advisor: Doug Carter

Presidents: David Large

Global Citizenship Organization

Purpose Statement: To promote inter-cultural exchange between multi-cultural students, faculty, and staff on Maryville College campus and raise cultural tradition awareness amongst the Maryville College community.

Advisors: Kirsten Sheppard

Team Leaders: Laura Pierpont, Daniel Pieratt, Briena Kepley

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)

Mission: Following a vision of diversity for the 21st century, the Gay-Straight Alliance is a student organization that comes together to provide a welcoming, supportive, and respectful environment that encourages dialogue about issues of gender and human sexuality among the Maryville College community.

Advisors: Roger Myers
Kelly Battles
Co-Moderators: Jenny Carter

Habitat for Humanity

The campus chapter of Habitat educates the campus about affordable housing issues, builds and rehabilitates houses in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, and raises funds for the work of Habitat for Humanity.

Advisor: Chad Schrock
President: Branden Johnson

Highland Echo (Newspaper)

The Highland Echo acts as a source of information for students, faculty, and staff at Maryville College.

Advisor: Kim Trevathan
Editor: Chelsea Morgan
Assistant Editor: Amber Roberts
Assistant Editor: Mary Moates
Photo Editor: Katie Forrester
Sports Editor: John Robertson
Graphics Editor: John Cole Kirksey
Online Editor: Allen Brady

Humans v. Zombies

The purpose of Humans v. Zombies is to bring people together through ridiculous circumstances.

Advisor: Bruce Holt
Moderators: Michelle Barnes and Terran Davis

Impressions (Literary Magazine)

Impressions organizes and produces an annual publication of student/staff creative works and hosts events related to creative works.

Advisor: Kristin Roberstson
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Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity shows the students of Maryville College how to grow in God's Word.

Advisor: Sam Overstreet
President: Chris Hickman

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports and casual recreation through club sports are also an extension of the educational process at Maryville College. About two-thirds of all students participate in varsity athletics, club sports, or intramurals at Maryville. Independent teams vie for championships in flag football, dodgeball, and softball.

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Jiu-Jitsu Club

The purpose of the Jiu-Jitsu Club is to teach students the skills and techniques of Jiu-Jitsu for self defense, competition, or general knowledge.

Advisor: Aaron Astor
President: Josh Krebs

Judicial Board

The Student Judicial Board hears student behavior cases referred to it by the Associate Dean of Students for Student Development. The Board is composed of sixteen (16) students. The membership consists of three (3) members from each class (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) and four (4) at-large members. All Judicial Board members are selected through an application/interview process and approved by the Student Government Association.

Latino Student Alliance

The purpose of the Latino Student Alliance is to increase awareness of the fast growing population in the US while at the same time learning about culture, music, food, and dancing.

Advisor: Dr. Doug Sofer
President: Jose Perez

MC Catholic Student Association

The purpose of the Maryville College Catholic Student Association is to promote the teachings of the Catholic church through service work, spiritual gathering, and Maryville College's campus and community.

Advisor: John Gallagher
President: Patrick Nkurunziza

MC Student Veterans Association

The mission of the Student Veterans Association is to assist veterans and family members in addressing the challenges associated with the transition from military service to being actively engaged in the college experience and to hold the responsibility for initiating, planning, developing and implementing strategies and programs which are sensitive to the needs of our veterans and their dependents in their mission of graduation from Maryville College.

Advisors are Allie Fox and Ted Higgs
President is Sean Hagstrom

MC Historical Society / Phi Alpha Theta

Our objectives are: to promote the awareness, study, and appreciation of the art and science of History; to support the community of historians and those with an interest in History at Maryville College, and in the wider community; to preserve the Historical legacy at Maryville College.

Advisor: Aaron Astor 
President: Cecilia Henderson

MC Literacy Corps

Mission Statement

The Maryville College Student Literacy Corps promotes literacy awareness through the empowerment of people by means of knowledge.

About the Student Literacy Corps

The MCSLC is a ten-year-old program designed and run by Maryville College students. The purpose of MCSLC is to (1) provide literacy education to undereducated citizens of Blount County and (2) provide Maryville College students with the opportunity to give back to the community. The Corps is composed of a student-run executive board of 12 members. Currently the Corps has over 90 student members; these members volunteer at tutor sites within in Blount County, which are of all literacy levels. The Corps is trained in the Spring and Fall semesters, and the trainings are designed to familiarize the students with the sites, prepare them for their service work, and answer any pertinent questions about our program. The majority of the Corps members tutor an average of two-four hours per week at four major sites. The Student Literacy Corps is an organization created and maintained by the students. The board of directors consists of one coordinator, a Blount County Justice Center (jail) coordinator, two MC Families coordinators, an Adult Basic Education coordinator, a Bradford liaison, a Bonner liaison, a Reading First Coordinator, a special events coordinator, and a publicity director.

Student Literacy Corps Requirements

  • Tutor at least TWO hours per week at a MCSLC approved placement
  • Attend one Student Literacy Corps literacy function per semester
  • Attend one Literacy Corps fundraising event per semester
  • Attend either the fall or spring training annually


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead

“ Education is empowerment; it is the key to a better life.” Taylor Fields

MC Model United Nations

The purpose of the Maryville College United Nations is to, above all else, promote awareness among members of this organization; the Maryville College community; and those in the larger Maryville community, of the important global issues that are dealt with by the United Nations, including buy not limited to: issues of human rights, environmental issues, economic issues, issues of world health, and issues of peace and security. Furthermore, the purpose of this organization will be to promote a better understanding of the United Nations itself and UN procedures, as well as to develop leadership, reasoning, and formal debate skills among members via collegiate Model UN competitions and other forms of formal engagement in international issues.

Advisor: Dr. Scott Henson
President: Blake Douglas

MC Scots Pep Band

The purpose of MC Scots Pep Band is to provide an opportunity for ongoing practice and enrichment of student musicians and to actively engage members of the MC community in fervent school spirit and support of our athletic programs.

Advisor: Sheree O'Connor
President: Jerica Johnson

MC Step Team

The purpose of the Maryville College Step Team is to promote school spirit through performance, educated the community about different cultures and backgrounds, and to showcase diversity.

Advisor: Irene Guerinot
President: Sara Jean-Philippe

Mountain Challenge
Non-Profit Leadership Alliance

Non-Profit Leadership Alliance is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations that prepares and certifies college students for professional careers in youth and human service agencies. American Humanics is affiliated with more than 75 colleges and universities nationwide including Maryville College, and partners with more than 50 national nonprofit organizations including the YMCA, the March of Dimes, and Boy Scouts of America.

Advisor: Cole Piper
President: Leah Smith

Non-traditional Student Organization

The purpose of the Nontraditional Student Organization is to provide a support group to assist current, as well a perspective, nontraditional student of Maryville College in obtaining and/or gaining access to specific academic or social requirements to help provide the most fulfilling higher education experience.

Advisor: Dr. Phillip Sherman
President: Melissa Kiewiet

Peace & World Concerns

The committee provides outlets for expressing global concern through educational programming and international projects.

Advisor: Kathie Shiba
President: Brittani Edge

Peer Mentors (Orientation)

The Peer Mentor organization is composed of upperclassmen who aid in the introduction of new students to the Maryville College community.

Advisor: Allison Norris
Co-Chairs: Jerica Johnson, Emily Julian, Tabitha Baum, Keylan Myers

Progressive Christian Community

The primary purpose of the Progressive Christian Community is to come together and share about faith. It is intentionally inclusive of all people, and it seeks to place Christian faith and values into the context of the twenty-first century and beyond. It is a place where questions and ambiguity are affirmed as valid, constructive acts.

Advisor: Anne McKee
President: Jordan Tarwater

Psi Chi (Psychology)

The purpose of Psi Chi, the Psychology Club, is to permit students who are interested in psychology or related fields to discover the various aspects of current research and its application.

Advisor: Kathie Shiba
President: Erin Burns

Residence Hall Association

RHA works together with all the residence halls on the Maryville College campus to ensure the interest of all residents by offering fellowship through educational and social programming, monitoring residential life policies, and leadership development through training.

Advisor: Aja Rodriguez

Sigma Lambda Kappa (Sign Language)

Sigma Lambda Kappa is designed to provide opportunity for those interested to become involved in various areas of the deaf community. It exists to provide opportunities for those interested in Interpreting and Deaf Studies to sharpen their ASL skills through attendance at club events.

Advisor: April Haggard
President: Houston Davis

Sigma Tau Delta

The purpose of Sigma Tau Delta is to encourage and promote opportunities for professional and academic development, provide cultural stimulation through literature by hosting a goal of 3 or more events each semester that appeal to a wide variety of interests, foster all aspects of the English discipline, and promote literacy throughout the community.

Advisor: Kelly Battles
President: Madison Elkins

Sisters in Spirit

Sisters in Spirit aims to create a diverse community of women where issues of faith, activism, political engagement, and service are openly discussed. In so doing, we hope to strengthen ourselves as women and as a community.

Advisor: Anne McKee
Co-chairs: Sarah-Dianne Jones, Keli Shipley, and Lauren Voyles

Student Government Association
Student Programming Board
Up 'til Dawn

The purpose of Up 'til Dawn is to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital while bringing fun events to campus for the students.

Advisors: Kristin Gourley
Adam Garrison
Executive Director: Katy Crockarell

Voices of Praise