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You may already have a specific person in mind for a roommate. If so, simply put that person's name in the box below. That person must also put your name down on his or her housing form, so make sure you both do this.

About You

We all have our idiosyncrasies. Be as honest and accurate here as possible to enable the best roommate match.

Hall preferences
Do you smoke?
Is it OKAY if your roommate smokes? (Smoking is not allowed inside residence hall rooms.)
Music preferences
Room conditions
Sleep patterns
Study conditions (check all that apply)
Room temperature
Are you willing to share items or should each person have their own?
Are you willing to split the cost of items for the room (i.e. tissues, food, hand sanitizer, etc.)?

If you do not receive a "Submission Confirmation:" message at the top of the page after submitting the form, you probably missed a required field.