The decision to attend graduate school should be the result of a process of working with your faculty advisor, the CCC, and others who know you well. If you have reached the point that you think you would like to undertake graduate studies, there are a number of resources you will want to use. This website has a wealth of helpful information.

Graduate Testing
There are several resources related to graduate testing located in the Resource Library on CCC Works.

Graduate School Catalogues
Once you have identified specific graduate programs that might be a good fit for you, you can find detailed information about a graduate program by going to the website of the school. You may be able to access their full catalogue online, or may need to request a copy by mailed to you.

People you can talk to/advisors
Talk to faculty members or other members of your network who are familiar with the type of graduate school program in which you are interested. They can give you an abundance of information based on their knowledge and experience.

More things you need to know

The CCC can help with other steps involved in researching graduate schools. Learn more about the following topics:

  • Graduate school testing
  • Writing a graduate school essay
  • Information about professional school
  • Getting graduate school references
  • Scholarships for graduate school