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Name Information
Ms. Denise Cantrell Data Administrator Fayerweather Hall 309 (865) 981-8072
Dr. Mardi Craig Associate Academic Dean and Associate Professor, Education Fayerweather Hall 309 (865) 981-8167 View More
Mrs. Johnni Freer Executive Asst. to the Vice President & Dean of the College Fayerweather Hall 309 (865) 981-8218
Ms. Linda Ueland Director of the New Opportunity School for Women and Academic Support Assistant Thaw 218A (865) 981-8123 View More
Dr. Barbara Wells Vice President and Dean of the College Fayerweather Hall 309 (865) 981-8278 View More
Dr. Ronald Wells Honorary Visiting Scholar Thaw Hall (865) 273-8882 View More