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The Maryville Fund supports Maryville College's most pressing needs, including student scholarships, library resources, and faculty professional development. The fund is unrestricted, so gifts may be applied where they will benefit students and faculty in the most significant and immediate way.

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The Maryville Fund makes highly personalized, transformational experiences possible for Maryville College students. Learn more about it from Mo Stepp, Environmental Studies ’14:

Mo Stepp, Environmental Studies '14I am honored to be a Coast Guard veteran who continues to serve as a Chief Petty Officer (E-7) in the United States Coast Guard Reserve, having spent six years on active duty and nearly six years as a reservist, including one overseas Combat Theater deployment to Camp Patriot, Kuwait with USCG Port Security Unit 305 in support of a Naval Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron.
One of my favorite memories while being overseas is the very first care package I received. I recall being amazed by the thoughtfulness of each item included in the care package. That wonderful first care package was from Mountain Challenge, my fellow Peer Mentors, and Maryville College. Even before I received that package, I knew that the Maryville College community cared about me. And this was further confirmed when I returned to MC to finish my degree. I may not be able to send every student a personal care package, but I show that I care for every student by giving to the Maryville Fund. This Fund is essential for providing scholarships and taking care of daily needs to make Maryville College a caring, academic community.

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