Maryville College degree programs have proven value to alumni upon graduation. Read about the value of a Maryville College degree in the Outcomes section below. Students also appreciate our competitive tuition rates and international student scholarships. Find current tuition, fees and scholarship in the sections below. Please contact International Admissions at for more information.

Tuition and Fees

The cost for students enrolled for university studies:

 2016-2017 Academic Year

 Single Semester
Fall & Spring Semester
TOTAL $22,196.00 $44,392.00
Tuition  $16,373.00 $32,746.00
Activity Fee $202.00 $404.00
Service Fee $187.00 $374.00
Room (Basic rate) $2,725.00 $5,450.00
Meals (Full) $2,709.00 $5,418.00
 NOTE: All prices in US Dollars

A $300 enrollment deposit is required of all new students intending to enroll at Maryville College. Your enrollment deposit is applied towards your overall costs. 

Other Costs 2016-2017

TOTAL $3,368.00
Health Insurance $950.00
Books and Supplies $1,112.00
Personal Expenses $1,306.00

International Scholarships

Scholarship Range: 
$16,000 - $23,000 per year 

Maryville College has a strong scholarship program for international students and all admitted degree-seeking international students receive a scholarship. You will automatically be considered for the highest possible amount. All scholarship funds are credited toward tuition payments.  Your scholarship is automatically renewed for up to four academic years (8 fall/spring semesters), provided that you maintain a satisfactory GPA, act as a cultural ambassador on campus, and reside on campus. 

There is no financial aid to cover living costs, fees, books, and miscellaneous expenses.  For visa purposes, most students need to show approximately $22,000 - $30,000 in available financial support for the first year of their studies.

Scholarships are based on academic performance and potential, as determined by school records and/or test scores.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria Financial Value
International Diversity Scholarship Awarded to entering international students who have a demonstrated record of academic achievement,  demonstrated international leadership in the past, have a clear plan for contributing to the international community on campus and can show financial need.  Application and phone/skype interview required Full-Tuition Scholarship.  Renewable for eight fall/spring semesters of full-time study with a 3.0 GPA and leadership participation.  Must live on-campus.  See application below.
International Presidential Scholarship Awarded to entering international students with a 3.7 - 4.0 GPA.   $23,000 each year for residential students.  $19,000 for commuters.
International Dean's Scholarship Awarded to entering international students with a 3.4 - 3.6 GPA. $22,000 each year for residential students.  $18,000 for commuters.
International MC Scholarship Awarded to entering international students with a 3.0 - 3.3 GPA. $21,000 each year for residential students.  $17,000 for commuters.
International MC Scots Scholarship Awarded to entering international students with a 2.7 - 2.9 GPA. $19,000 each year for residential students.  $16,000 for commuters.
International Scholarship Awarded to entering admitted international students with a GPA below 2.7. $16,000 each year for residential students.  $12,000 for commuters.

To apply for a scholarship, an applicant must

  2. Send all required documents for admission. Find out more about application requirements.

Monthly Payment Plan

International Students may participate in Maryville College tuition payment plan. A tuition payment plan allows parents and/or students to make interest free monthly payments on student account balances. Maryville College Business Office has partnered with Sallie Mae Tuition Pay to assist parents and students with their tuition, room and board costs. Plans can be set up to cover the full year balance in typically nine installments or a semester’s balance in four-five payments. You can set up the payment plan upon arrival and learn more HERE

Full-Tuition Scholarship - International Diversity Award


Maryville College offers one full-tuition scholarship to an incoming freshman each academic year.  This scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition for each academic year and is renewable up to four years provided that the student meets the appropriate requirements, maintains F-1 student status, completes two hours of service per week with the Center for International Education Cultural Ambassadors Program, and maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA. Annual increases to awards (above tuition) are not available. The student will have to show that he/she has sufficient funds to cover the remaining cost of attendance.

  • Have a demonstrated record of academic achievement and citizenship
  • Show financial need
  • Demonstrate that he/she has a minimum of $13,000 - $15,000 per year in available funding or a plan to cover remaining costs
  • Have a clear plan for being a leader within the international community on the Maryville College campus (see essay question)
  • Be prepared to encourage others to apply for the diversity scholarship and Maryville College in the future
  • Must live on campus during the four-year period of study 

Outstanding Outcomes

Six months after graduation, 96% of the 2008 class reported being placed or employed with 90% of those noting their employment or placement was either fulfilling their long-term goals or providing a stepping-stone toward those goals. Additionally, 43% of the 2008 grads were either enrolled in or actively applying to graduate school.

Sample employments and placements include:

Employers: C3 International, Nanotechnology; Duke University, Center for Health Policy; FBI; First Tennessee Bank; Jacobs Engineering; Maryville City Schools, Tennessee; National Public Radio; United States Air Force

Graduate Schools: Duke University; Memphis Theological Seminary; University of Georgia School of Law; University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine; Vanderbilt University