NATO officers visit MC on Feb. 3

January 30, 2003

The NATO Briefing Team was first organized in the early 1980s in response to the many requests for information from the North American public. Each year the briefing team, consisting of officers from the allied countries, visits 20 metropolitan areas to discuss NATO issues.

Two senior military officers from the NATO headquarters of Allied Command Atlantic (ACLANT) will visit the College on Feb. 3 as part of NATO’s and ACLANT’s public information efforts.

WHO: Lieutenant Colonel Hendrik van der Gaag of the Netherlands Army, Deputy Public Information Officer, Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic; and Lieutenant Colonel Cornelis Laurentius de Moel of the Royal Netherlands Army, Civil Military Cooperation Officer, Allied Command Atlantic.

WHAT: Presentation that will cover the history and general organization of NATO and changes in today’s security environment

WHEN: Monday, Feb. 3, 3:30 p.m.

WHERE: Lawson Auditorium in Maryville College’s Fayerweather Hall

OTHER: According to information submitted by ACLANT, “the officers assigned to the briefing team are experienced professionals and are eager to answer any questions concerning the history of the alliance, its mission, strategic importance of sea lanes, current risks/challenges, dialogue and cooperation with its former enemies, and other NATO issues of interest to the audience.”