The goal of this program is to deliver a transformative educational experience for our students. The aim is to demonstrate the vibrancy and value of the liberal arts for the 21st century.  While reaffirming our traditional emphasis on critical thinking skills and disciplinary expertise, the Maryville College Works program pairs core academic values with significant practical experiences.

This carefully-designed, integrated program builds bridges between the classroom and the work place. Through significant practical experiences, our students will understand how applicable and marketable their disciplinary and core skills are in the workforce.

Equally important, their employers will realize the value of a liberal arts education,  one that trains students to think critically and  independently, to apply research skills to problem solving, and to communicate clearly and effectively.  Building bridges between the classroom and the workplace has the very real potential of transforming what it means to be a student and a professor at a liberal arts college.

Year to Year Goals

Freshman Year:

  • Explore Career Paths
  • Discover Personal Strengths 

Sophomore Year:

  • Develop Graduation Plan
  • Discuss Career Options in Major

Junior Year:

  • Refine Career Goals
  • Complete a Significant Practical Experience

Senior Year:

  • Build Job Search Competencies
  • Articulate the Connections between College & Career

Students Working