First-time, first-year and many transfer students take one or more placement examinations. An exam in mathematics may indicate the need for required remedial work in Fundamentals of Mathematics. This course prepares the student for college-level work and offers three institutional credits for satisfactory completion; the credits do not count toward the minimum needed for graduation. A placement exam in English is required for all first-time, first-year international students. First-time, first-year students with Advanced Placement credit, dual enrollment credit, or transfer credit in an equivalent course may take an English Placement exam, if they think their command of the material may be sufficient to satisfy the Maryville College Core Curriculum requirement of Composition 110. A foreign language placement exam is recommended for those students who have satisfactorily completed three years study of a single foreign language in high school and/or who think their command of a foreign language may be sufficient for placement in advanced courses and exemption from the foreign language core requirement.