About This Division

The Division of Mathematics and Computer Science exposes students to a rich and diverse set of mathematical ideas so they may think analytically and critically as they become problem solvers in a complex world.

The educational experience in the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science is designed to develop in students a sense of wonder, curiosity, and excitement when encountering life’s analytical challenges. We seek to demonstrate the interconnections and broad themes among branches of the mathematical sciences in an effort to provide an overarching view of the field. Students learn to formulate problems, solve them, and interpret their solutions while realizing that the mathematical sciences define ideal systems that can be used to pursue solutions to real-world problems. Throughout the curriculum, students see the influences that the mathematical sciences have had on cultures over many centuries while discovering that there are contemporary open questions that remain to be solved. The faculty strives to illustrate that the mathematical sciences are not only essential tools in solving concrete problems, but that mathematics is also an elegant art form in its own right.

To achieve our mission the Division has majors in Mathematics, Mathematics for Teacher Licensure, Computer Science, Computer Science/Business, and Engineering, and minors in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics. We encourage you to learn more about how the mathematical sciences can help you become a problem solver in a complex world.