Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion

I joined the faculty at Maryville College in 2007, after several years running a study abroad program in comparative religion and culture out of Brooklyn, New York. I teach courses in Western and comparative philosophy, theology and biblical studies. I am an editor of the volume Postcolonial Philosophy of Religion (New York: Springer 2009), and have written numerous articles and chapters on topics in liberation theology, philosophy of religion, ethics, and religion and science.

I am developing a course at Maryville on "Souls," that brings together my interests in comparative philosophy and current work in neuroscience. I am also currently advising two highly interesting student senior theses, one on an Appalachian theology of liberation (with attention to the popular educator, Myles Horton), and another developing a philosophy of the natural environment.

I grew up in Australia and earned a B.A. in literature from the University of Sydney.  I came to Boston University for graduate study in the spring of 1993. I didn't imagine then what it might be like to still be in the U.S. twenty years later, but, it turns out, Maryville College is a great place to be.