TESL Program Overview

Teaching English as a Second Language: A major that emphasizes the integrated study of linguistics, second language acquisition, the psychology of language development with the pedagogical skills required to teach English as a second language in the pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade setting.

Majors in this area of study also acquire a minor in a foreign language.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

Course Offerings

The Major in Teaching English as a Second Language is offered as an initial endorsement teacher licensure program for teaching pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The major is interdisciplinary and also requires the equivalent of the completion of a foreign language minor. The Major requires 25 credit hours in major courses and a minimum of 15 credit hours equivalent to a minor in one of the following foreign languages: Spanish, German, or American Sign Language.

Required courses:

ENG 219: Advanced Rhetoric and Grammar (3 hrs.)
ENG 311: History of the English Language (3 hrs.)
ENG 312: Linguistic Theory and Second Language Acquisition (3 hrs.)
ENG 351-352: Senior Thesis (6 hrs.)
HUM 347: Research in the Humanities (1 hr.)
PSY 211: Child Development (3 hrs.)
PSY 306: Language Development (3 hrs.)
SOC 211: Cultural Anthropology (3 hrs.)

Additional liberal studies courses include:
PSY 101: Introductory Psychology (3 hrs.)
SOC 271: Sociology of Education (3 hrs.)

Requirements for the mandatory foreign language minor may be found under Spanish, German, or American Sign Language. The minor in German requires a period of study abroad.



Also required are 31 credit hours in professional education courses listed below:

PSY 218: Psychology of Adolescence (3 hrs.)
PSY 334: Culturally Diverse and Exceptional Children (3 hrs.)
PHR 236: Health Issues in Education (2 hrs.)
EDU 302: Educational Technology (2 hrs.)
EDU 303: Models of Classroom Instruction (K-6)(2 hrs.)
EDU 305: Strategies for Classroom Management (K-6) (2 hrs.)
EDU 321: Reading and Writing in the Content Classrooms (2 hrs.)
EDU 323: Reading and Writing (K-4) (3 hrs.)
EDU 343: Practicum in Methods and Materials (6 hrs. required)
EDU 401: Student Teaching (9 hrs.)
EDU 402: Professional Seminar on Teaching (3 hrs.)

Student teaching involves a full semester, with experiences in teaching English as a second language at both the pre-K-5 and 6-12 settings.