Relighion Program Overview

Studying religion at Maryville College means learning to understand a complex and rapidly changing world. Religion majors grapple with enduring questions about what it means to be human and they study the rich variety of responses that different human cultures have produced, from the Bible to the teachings of the Buddha. But studying religion also means seeking meaning in the world today: it means contemplating your own place in the universe, understanding why some religious people commit their lives to social justice and others commit violence, examining religious pluralism in the United States, and traveling to any number of our study abroad sites--from India to Argentina to Ghana--to encounter new religious worlds. And religion majors learn skills that are most prized by today’s employers: independent research, precise speaking and writing, and an understanding of diversity.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

Course Offerings

The Major in Religion consists of 43 hours in religion and related areas. Required courses include:

REL 162: Approaches to the Study of Religion (3 hrs.)
REL 212: World Religions (3 hrs.)
REL 228: Introduction to Christian Theology (3 hrs.)
REL 344: Explorations in Biblical Studies (3 hrs.)
REL 348: Explorations in the History of Religions (3 hrs.)
REL 351-352: Senior Study (6 hrs.)
HUM 201: Perspectives in the Humanities (3 hrs.)
HUM 299: Issues in Professional Development (1 hr.)
HUM 347: Research in the Humanities (1 hr.)

One course selected from the following list:
REL 209: Religion in the Southern Appalachians (3 hrs.)
REL 211: The American Religious Experience (3 hrs.)
REL 325: Sociology of Religion

Either of the following courses:
REL 326: Contemporary Theology (3 hrs.)
REL 346: Explorations in Christian Thought and Culture (3 hrs.)


Two courses from the following list:
PHL 326: Philosophy and Religion (3 hrs.)
PHL 329: Modern Critiques of Religion (3 hrs.)
PHL 348: Comparative Philosophy (3 hrs.)

One of the following courses:
HIS 242: World Civilization from Earliest Times to 1500 C.E. (3 hrs.)
HIS 243: World Civilization from 1500 C.E. to the 20th Century (3 hrs.)
PHI 211: American Philosophy (3 hrs.)

An additional 3 credit hours coursework in Religion*

*The 3 credit hours in biblical studies taken to fulfill the general education requirement may not be included in the major, but the student may count the second 100-level biblical studies course toward the major.

The Minor in Religion consists of 15 hours in religion, including not more than one 100-level course. The 3 hours in Biblical Studies taken to fulfill the general education requirement may not be included in the minor, but the student may count the second 100-level Biblical Studies course toward the minor.