2014 Wrap-Up

Dear KT Week Participants,

Sincere thanks for your participation in the 2014 KT Week at Maryville College. With your help, we completed over 50 projects!  Our concentration of manpower to clean, do extensive landscaping, paint, pressure wash, repair, build, and do archival research and cataloging improves the College’s curb appeal, adds usable structures and repairs existing ones, makes useful rearrangements of assets, and adds to our knowledge of the College’s almost 200 year history. As a result of your considerable efforts, The College looks better to prospective students, faculty, staff, directors, and visitors.
In order to see what difference you made, see the “before” and “after” pictures below, as well as the in-process participation pictures. You did a great job during KT Week 2014. Congratulations! See you next year at KT Week 2015!

With thanks again,

Dan Greaser ’60


KT Week 2014 Before & After Shots



And for a more candid view of the week...

KT Week Fun and Fellowship