KT Week 2015

Dear Fellow KT Week Participant,

The 19th Annual KT Week will be held June 8 to 12, 2015. We are looking forward to another successful week of improving the college campus through carpentry projects, painting, landscaping, cleaning, pressure washing, and archive cataloging. The two storage buildings built last year for soccer and softball will need painting, and Andy is planning an addition for us to build onto one of the physical plant buildings. Since the Steve Kaufman Flatpicking Kamp won't meet until a week following KT Week, we will be able to do a number of refurbishing projects in Carnegie Hall. And, we are working on other forms of entertainment that we are sure you will also enjoy.

You will see ongoing construction on the residence floors of Pearsons and The Margaret Ware Dining Hall kitchen. This means that our meals will once again be in the Orange Room of Cooper's Athletic Center. We will still have the gatherings each evening in Willard House, and I look forward to sharing the events of the day with each of you.

Please go on-line to the registration link below to register for KT Week 2015. Note the Volunteer Agreement & Waiver of Liability Form to be filled out as well. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Miller at angela.miller@maryvillecollege.edu or (865) 981-8102 or Marde Soutullo at marde.soutullo@maryvillecollege.edu or (865) 981-8200.

I look forward to seeing you at KT Week 2015.

Yours Truly,

Dan Greaser, '60

KT Week Registration Form 

 Registration deadline is May 15, 2015.
Registrations received after this point are on a individual basis and t-shirt availability is not guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is an average day like during KT Week?
A:  An average day during KT Week consists of waking up to the beautiful view from the dorms, partaking of a lovely breakfast and heading off with your crew to work on the project for the day.  Team leaders help organize the work between you, the Physical Plant and our fearless leader, Dan Greaser '60!  Lunch will be served around noon then it is back to the project you are working on with your team (or something entirely new).  Finally dinner nourishes you before an evening on your own with your friends both new-found and those returning.  One of those dinners is typically a barbeque and the final evening is the coup de grâce - a delicious meal followed by presentations of the before and after photos of your accomplishments.

Q:  What are the dates this year?
A:  If participating in the full week, arrival is Sunday, June 7 between 2:00 - 4:00 pm.  Departure is Saturday, June 13 before 10:00 am.


Q:  Do I have to come for the whole week or can I come for only part of the time?
A:  You can sign up for one or more days - whatever works with your schedule. Just indicate that on the registration form.

Q:  I'm not super physically fit...do you tailor the activities to what I can handle?
A:  Most definitely.  We get that feedback from you on the registration form and try to place you in a project that best fits your interests and abilities.  If at any time you need to change, stop or switch your activities, just let your Team Leader know! 

Q:  Where are we housed?
A:  Housing is in the dorms on campus - just like when you were here but without the homework!  You can request roommates (including your spouse) and make other request on the room and board section of the registration form.

Q:  Will there be more information on this page as time goes along?
A:  Definitely!  Check back on this page for an agenda and watch the Alumni Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates!

See you in June!