The CCM provides the home base for the Spiritual Life and Community Engagement programs at the college. Stop by the CCM and you’ll be likely to find a listening ear, a challenging program, or a group of students planning a service trip. Bonner, Bradford, Church and College, Isaac Anderson, and Chapel Scholar programs are all based in the CCM.  We also serve as host to many student religious groups, and many students find our space to be an inviting and quiet place to study.  You can find more information about scholarship programs, student religious groups, and community engagement on our website; also feel free to stop by any time!

The Center for Campus Ministry holds a chapel service each week from 1:15-1:50 on Tuesdays. No classes are held during this protected time, so everyone is invited to gather together in a time of worship.  A student-led worship committee plans services.  

We do not hold services on campus on Sunday mornings; instead we encourage students to attend church at a local congregation. For a list of local congregations, please see our website.  We invite you to contact us if you need transportation or want more guidance in connecting with a local worshiping community.

2013-2014 Chapel Program

The CCM’s chapel theme for the 2013-2014 academic year is “Faith Works.”  In keeping with the college’s emphasis on the connection between work and the liberal arts, we hope to spend the year reflecting on the many connections between faith, spirituality, and the work people do in the world, for pay, as volunteers, or as members of families and communities. Students, staff, faculty, and administrators will all serve as chapel speakers. The detailed list of speakers is available below.

In the spring, we will also hear from seniors who have written senior studies that contain religious themes.  

Speaker Schedule

Chapel will take place at 1:15 p.m. in the Center for Campus Ministry unless otherwise noted.  Chapel will conclude in time for students and professors to attend 2:00 classes.

2/4/14 Keli Shipley, Class of 2014
2/11/14 Dr. Brent Coyle, Blount Memorial Hospital
2/18/14 Dr. Anne McKee, Campus Minister
2/25/14 Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, PCUSA Office of Public Witness

Lynn Huber, Elon University
3/11/14 Hayden Brown, Class of 2014
3/25/14 Dr. Bill Meyer, Professor of Philosophy & the Ralph W. Beeson Professor of Religion

Samuel Turpen, Class of 2014
4/8/14 Brittani Edge, Class of 2014
4/15/14 Chris Hickman, Class of 2014
4/22/14 Preston Fields, Director of Community Engagement
4/29/14 Dr. Anne McKee, Campus Minister
5/6/14 Dr. Anne McKee, Campus Minister