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Name Information
Ms. Melissa Sands Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8115
Dr. Lori Schmied Professor of Psychology, Coordinator of Neurosciences Sutton Science Center 127 (865) 981-8162 View More
Mr. Gerhard Schneibel News and New Media Writer Fayerweather Hall 210 (865)981-8079
Dr. Susan Schneibel Professor of Comparative Literature Thaw Hall, room 123 (865) 981-8251 View More
Ms. Kandis Schram Athletic Director - Head Volleyball Coach Cooper Athletic Center (865) 981-8290
Dr. Ariane Schratter Associate Professor of Psychology Sutton Science Center 131 (865) 981-8272 View More
Dr. Chad Schrock Associate Professor of Psychology Sutton Science Center 237 (865) 981-8268 View More
Mr. Shaun Schuetz Adjunct Instructor of Music, Percussion Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 309 (865) 981-8150 View More
Ms. Adrienne Schwarte Associate Professor of Art Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 308 (865) 981-8154 View More
Dr. Asami Segi Adjunct Instructor of Japanese Thaw Hall, room 110 (865) 273-8811 View More
Ms. Beverly Sellers Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114
Ms. Katie Settlage Part-Time Riding Instructor Penrose Farm
Ms. Kirsten Sheppard Director of International Education International House (865) 273-8991 View More
Dr. Phillip Michael Sherman Assistant Professor of Religion Carnegie Hall, room 26 (865) 273-8806 View More
Dr. Kathie Shiba Professor of Psychology, Chair, Division of Behavioral Sciences Sutton Science Center 107A (865) 981-8270 View More
Dr. Alexa Shutt Visiting Instructor of Exercise Science Cooper Athletic Center, room 172 View More
Mr. Clay Shwab Visiting Instructor of Management Thaw Hall 211 (865) 981-8266 View More
Mr. Terry Silver-Alford Adjunct Instructor of Theatre Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8150 View More
Mr. Mark Simpson Groundskeeper, Athletic Field Specialist Physical Plant (865) 981-8020
Dr. Terry Simpson Professor of Secondary Education, Director of Teacher Education Fayerweather 218 (865) 981-8106 View More
Dr. Maria Siopsis Associate Professor of Mathematics Sutton Science Center 203 (865) 981-8163 View More
Mr. Blake Smith General Manager, Clayton Center for the Arts Clayton Center for the Arts (865) 981-8264
Mr. Dana Smith Vice President and Treasurer Fayerweather Hall, Suite 334 (865) 981-8199
Ms. Laura Smith Resident Director/Housing Coordinator Bartlett Hall 306 (865) 981-8355
Ms. Vickie Smith Assistant Registrar Fayerweather Hall 148 (865) 981-8205
Dr. Larry Smithee Adjunct Instructor of Music Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 309
Mrs. Ellen Smyser Administrative Assistant Fayerweather Hall 141 (865) 981-8100
Dr. Doug Sofer Associate Professor of History Carnegie Hall, room 4 (865) 981-8265 View More
Ms. Lisa Soland Adjunct Instructor of Theatre Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 315 (865) 981-8153 View More
Ms. Marde Soutullo Administrative Assistant, Advancement Alexander House (865) 981-8200
Ms. Kathleen Spillane Adjunct Instructor of Music, Voice Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 319 (865) 981-8575
Ms. Cynthia Spitler PT CIE Instructor International House (865) 981-8130
Mrs. Priscilla Stache Human Resources Generalist Fayerweather Hall Suite 318 (865) 981-8349
Mr. Scott Steele Assistant Professor of English Thaw Hall, room 112 (865) 981-8077 View More
Mr. John Stewart Maintenance Supervisor Penrose Farm (865) 690-8055
Mrs. Cheryl Stiebeling Acquisitions Assistant & Bookkeeper Thaw Hall Library (865) 981-8257 View More
Ms. Jennifer Strimpfel Adjunct Instructor of Psychology Sutton Science Center 124 (865) 981-8274 View More
Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan Professor Emeritus Thaw Hall 204A (865) 981-8261 View More
Ms. Beth Sutton Interim Assistant Director CIE International House (865) 981-8185
Dr. Jerilyn Swann Chair, Division of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor of Biology Sutton Science Center 112 (865) 981-8068 View More
Dr. William Swann Chair, Division of Fine Arts, Associate Professor of Music Clayton Center for the Arts, Main Building 305 (865) 981-8159 View More
Ms. Cyndi Sweet Director of Admissions Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8095
Mr. Bill Symonds Housekeeper Physical Plant (865) 981-8114