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Name Information
Ms. Judy Allen Admissions Mail Room Manager Bartlett (865) 981-8098
Ms. Laura (Gilley) Caldwell Senior Admissions Processor & Budget Manager Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8093
Mr. Doug Carter Assistant Director of Admissions Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8127 View More
Ms. Becky Davis Assistant Admissions Director - Communications Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8088
Ms. Connie Davis Receptionist Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8092
Mr. Darren Dunlap Assistant Admissions Director - Transfer Recruiting Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8089 View More
Mr. Keylon Holloway Part-Time Telecounselor
Ms. Teresa Holloway Telecounselor
Ms. Jerica Johnson Admissions Counselor Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8091 View More
Ms. Arielle Kilday Assistant Director of Admissions Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8042 View More
Mr. Kat Kimsey Admissions Counselor Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8130 View More
Ms. Kelly Massenzo Admissions Counselor Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8069 View More
Ms. Saij Miller-Wildsmith Executive Assistant Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8092
Ms. Linda Moore Associate Director of Admissions Processes Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8096
Ms. Melodie Neff Telecounselor
Ms. Judy Rafferty Telecounselor Thaw Hall 113 (865) 981-8319
Ms. Vickie Smith Admissions Counselor (Transfer, Veteran & Non-Traditional) Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8205 View More
Ms. Cyndi Sweet Interim Executive Director for Admissions and Financial Aid Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8095
Ms. Sheryl Tingling Admissions Intern Fayerweather Hall (865) 981-8131 View More