2015-2016 Direct Costs 

(starting MAY 2015)

Below is a breakdown of our costs. Weekly rates are available if a student cannot attend a full session. For visa purposes, students will be required to show a minimum of $3,470 in available funding for each five-week session that they plan to attend.

Session TuitionTuition FeesRoom/Board**Activity FeeTOTAL
Intensive English (5 weeks) $1545 $1656 $50 $3251
Travel and Study Program (3 weeks)* $1245 $1045 $425 $2715
Explore Tennessee ESL Travel Study Program (summer) *** TBA TBA $200 Deposit due by May 15 TBA

+ $50 Application Fee

**Meal plans may change during the May 27 - August 15 period.

January Term (3 weeks of travel & study)

July Travel Program (2 weeks)

These are language and culture programs that combine classroom instruction, activities and travel. Prices for these programs are different from the five-week ESL sessions. Please contact the Maryville College Center for International Education for specific information.

*The three-week Travel and Study Program features classes three hours per day with extra trips and activities in afternoons.
**Room/Board = double occupancy in residence halls of the College on campus and 19 meals per week. All dining facilities are open except for holidays and breaks during the regular fall and spring semesters. Hours during summer, spring, fall and winter breaks as well as holiday periods vary. Contact the Center for International Education office for more information.

***Explore Tennessee ESL Travel Study Program features intensive English classes throughout a two-week journey across Tennessee to explore the best Tennessee has to offer.

We provide housing on campus in one of our residence halls to all students for the duration of their stay. Students who meet certain criteria may request to live off-campus. We do not make arrangements for off-campus housing but will provide suggestions to eligible students. Please see the application form for more information regarding exemptions. For more information on housing/meals go here.

Other Costs

  • Health insurance: can be purchased here or brought with you; $18 per week if purchased here.
  • Books: Average cost $100 per session.
  • $100 damage deposit (if staying at a residence hall); refunded after you finish your studies here.
  • Airport pickup is FREE if you arrive during the designated dates/times. However, there will be a $100 NON-refundable late fee for those arriving after 9 p.m. on the designated arrival date.
  • Money for personal expenses and extra trips.
  • Please note that the activity fee covers transportation; students are responsible for any extra event-related costs, like tickets, food, etc.

All fees are subject to change without prior notice and are typically readjusted every August. Refunds are made in emergency cases only when students must leave the program early. Refunds are calculated on a weekly basis. Any payments made for multiple sessions are fully refundable if a student withdraws earlier than originally expected because of documented emergencies. Application fees and health insurance payments cannot be refunded.