KT Week Logo 2016

KT Week 2016

June 15, 2016

Dear Kin Takahashi Week 2016 Participants,

Our 20th Annual KT Week held June 6-10, 2016 was a great success due to your participation and hard work. We had 120 KT'ers (including 8 students) who contributed over 3,000 hours and worked on over 50 projects. In addition, the Physical Plant Department had 10 folks that assisted us in planning and on certain projects from time to time and were a great help when machinery was needed. Also, the Advancement/Alumni office team had five people involved with our support and KT Week planning. The College spent some $17,800 on materials, $12,448 to feed us, and $1,050 in housekeeping and laundry costs during the week.

For this, the college benefited in landscaping improvements of mulching, plant trimming and planting, one pump station shed built and another re-roofed, steps built into the soccer bleachers, Mountain Challenge deck steps torn out and replaced within code, steps removed on International House and Willard House and new porch rails built to match existing features. Masonry work included a new walkway and steps from Pearsons parking lot down the hill to the International House, a walkway from Davis to the Pearsons parking lot, and leveling of bricks on the CCA plaza and in front of Willard House. Isaac's and the Registrar's Office were painted along with the Crawford House fence (yet again), as well as entry doors at Carnegie Hall. Interior walls were installed in the soccer field press box. Two drop tables were built in the Clayton Center Costume Shop, and large shelving was assembled in a CCA storage room. Smaller repair projects were completed such as building a handrail on the access way to the softball press box and building shelves in the Pearsons RA closet. The all-important cleaning of all the foyer and main theatre seats in Carnegie Hall, cleaning of College signs and banners, pressure washing of steps, sidewalks, fences, bricks, and the football stadium bleachers and some 15 smaller projects of repairs and improvements added to the "curb appeal" of the campus. Archives completed many important projects of cataloging and researching, continuing to add to the knowledge of our College history and culture.

You should be proud when you hear compliments of how good the College looks, for you had a hand in making it so. Be proud of your contribution to another successful KT Week during our 20th KT Week anniversary year. It takes a team to make KT Week happen. So thank the College administration, the Advancement/Alumni office, and the Physical Plant folks for all their help in making this another successful KT Week.

Put June 5-9, 2017 (tentatively) on your calendar to help us celebrate the 21st anniversary of KT Week.

I hope to see many of you at Homecoming 2016 (October 21-23, 2016).

Thanks again for your contributions to making KT Week 2016 a success.

Yours Truly,

Dan Greaser, '60