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Summer Housing Roommate Preference

Note: Your roommates must also select you, and must be congruent with the type of housing you choose.

Selection of Suites:

Suites have 2 doubles, a single and a double, or 2 singles and a double in kitchen suites. Please rank your choices 1-5.

Double room in a suite $93/week *
Single room in a suite (very limited) $115/week *
Double room in a kitchen suite $115/week *
Court Street Apt. double room $115/week *
Single room in a kitchen suite $137/week *
Rules and Regulations

I agree to abide by all residence hall and campus policies as outlined in the current Maryville College Student Handbook. I am responsible for the condition and proper care of the space allotted to me and shall reimburse the College for all damage to accommodations during the period of agreement. I understand that there is a $50.00 room key charge if not returned at check-out. Alcohol is not permitted in the residence halls during the summer. Smoking is not permitted inside campus buildings.

The College reserves the right to enter a room to perform emergency or routine maintenance. The College also reserves the right to enter a room to enforce College policies, regulations and rules.

I have read the conditions of this application and contract and understand that any violation of them will result in my eviction from summer housing : *

If you do not receive a "Submission Confirmation:" message at the top of the page after submitting the form, you probably missed a required field.